Brenton Kenkel

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Vanderbilt University. I received my PhD in political science from the University of Rochester in 2014.

I study the political economy of conflict. I am especially interested in the political and fiscal foundations of state power—how a country's capacity to extract resources domestically affects its ability to fend off threats abroad, and vice versa. I also study diplomacy, focusing on the incentive problems that impede credible signaling.

Formal models are at the core of my research. I use these models to think clearly about the strategic dilemmas that arise in war, diplomacy, and state formation. I also do some work with data, including the structural estimation of game-theoretic models.

You can email me at, and you can find a PDF of my CV here.


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Working Papers

"Competition and Free-Riding in Electoral Contests with Outside Spending" (with Mellissa Meisels).

"Diplomatic Relations and Conflict Management: A Dynamic Analysis." [2018-08-28]


I am on research leave in academic year 2023–2024 and will not be holding regular office hours. Email me if you need to meet.

Undergraduate courses

Crisis Diplomacy (PSCI 2220) [spring 2022]

Causes of War (PSCI 2221) [fall 2022]

Graduate courses

Formal Models of International Relations (PSCI 8360) [fall 2022]

Statistics for Political Research II (PSCI 8357) [spring 2023] [lecture notes]

Political Economy of War (PSC 586, University of Rochester) [spring 2018]